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Here is the credit card charge statement when I was an Unkotare one month member. Only a fixed charge of less than $2 per day, only $58 (5,971 yen) per month. There is a fixed fee system for safety and security. So there are no additional charges or fraudulent charges other than this membership fee. In fact, there is no doubt that I say I used to join Unkotare with my own credit card and money. When I was an Unkotare member, I downloaded and got over 200 girl poop videos in a month. I will show you some of the girl poop videos I downloaded.

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How to join Unkotare :
1. You can join from the "Sign up" button in the link destination. After entering about 5 minutes of joining, you can see the women poo appearance immediately.

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2. Enter your email address in the cell of D2PassID and set the password for login by yourself. And entering your credit card information, join process is over.

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Now you can also get women’s poop videos after this. Operation is just a click, so it is safe for seniors who are not good at IT. The erotic video page on Unkotare is like this. You can get an uncensored JAV poop videos just by pressing the download button on the lower right. It’s easy because you just click on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

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In order to make you feel relieved and join the Unkotare, let me comment well to the unsubscribe method. How to unsubscribe is very easy. Just enter your user ID, password and email address and you can unsubscribe at any time. And it’s OK if you do the cancellation procedure. As long as your membership period remains, you can use it. You can download your favorite women’s poop videos. The Unkotare is a sincere JAV adult site. You will not lose. So let’s explain how to unsubscribe.

How to withdraw Unkotare :
1. There is a "DTI Cancellation form" at the bottom of the join page.

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2. When you enter your user ID, password, registered e-mail address, the withdrawal procedure will be completed immediately.

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In case of withdrawal, it is necessary to withdraw from the DTI Cancelltion form by the day before your member renewal date. You can continue to use Unkotare, even after you unsubscribe, until your membership period has expired. When you unsubscribe successfully, you will receive a confirmation email at the registered email address.

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