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Let me tell you how to join Transexjapan at a discounted rate for you who has read this page so far. If you use this discount method, you can join with a discount of more than 1,000 yen. So far, we are teaching about Transexjapan only on this site. I’d like you to get as many uncensored JAV transsexual videos as you like, so I will show you so far.

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1. First of all, you will do the enrollment procedure halfway through the linked page. Simply enter your email address and user name and it's OK. When I first tried to proceed, the monthly membership fee was 3,900 yen as shown in the picture below.

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2. If you do not settle the credit card after entering your email address and user name, you will receive such email. By clicking on the mail link destination, you will be able to join Transexjapan with the discounted fee.

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3. It is now possible to join at 2,200 yen discounted at 1,700 yen.

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4. Once you enter your credit card information, the join process is complete. It will store and manage your credit card information in the card payment company Vendo. It will never be illegally used. Please do not worry.

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I will teach you not only to join but also how to withdraw from Transexjapan. It is very easy to withdraw from Transexjapan Japan. The credit card payment agency Vendo Settlement of membership fee you login and clicking the Cancel button completes the withdrawal procedure. Just click the button to unsubscribe. That’s it. It’s simple. When you are convenient you can feel free to drop out at any time. It will not let you take a waste of time.

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1. There is a link to the withdrawal page on the support page after joining. You can log in to the linked credit card payment agent Vendo with your email address and password. You will cancel your withdrawal here.

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2. If you press the cancel button on the page after logging in, the withdrawal procedure is over. That's it.

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Transexjapan members are automatic continuation method. Therefore, if you do not do the withdrawal procedure, you will be automatically continued and charged. Please note this point. Even after you unsubscribe, if you have a membership period, you can log in anytime during that period to enjoy uncensored JAV shemale videos. Transexjapan is a sincere JAV adult site. Please do not worry.

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