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One of the professions that every woman wants to try at least once is CA. Rissako Mamiya, a beautiful woman who looks great in style dressed as a CA, is happy in her cool outfit.
He says before the shoot that he wants to feel good at the tangle and finish the job in a good mood. However, Toetsu prepared a surprise for Risako to make her enjoy it more. They surrounded me with more men than usual and humiliated me as much as they wanted.
A large amount of cum of 82 shots in total hit Risako mercilessly. The appearance of pathetic Risako who is made into a mess and escapes by the madness of death fuels the excitement of men further, and the scene cannot be contained. The startling image which the shock runs to the whole body can be seen! At the beginning, Risako is told by the director that there are a lot of juices actors this time, but it is a range that can endure, and the shooting start.

During the flight, a passenger suddenly complains of abdominal pain to the CA, Risako, and tells her to rub her abdomen. Nasako stroked the man’s lower body, trying to calm him down. But the man deliberately made a fuss about touching his crotch.
He threatens Risako when she accuses him. A man suddenly deep kisses the embarrassed Risako. He demands Nashiko’s flesh. Nashiko is stripped of her clothes, her breasts are played with, and her crotch is caressed.
In addition, it is a back style forced finger man and cunny. Next, the cock is thrown into the mouth and the forced knee-jerk blowjob. The hair is grabbed wildly and the cock is thrust into the back of the throat.
Nasako continued to suck in agony, drooling and sobbing over and over again. And the raw cock is in the back.

Cowgirl, Back Cowgirl, Flexing position. The white love juice oozes out of the joint. And he injects cum in the normal position. After the fact, another passenger watched me squirm in my seat while regurgitating cum from my vagina.
You’ll find it. Risako, who can’t let the company know that she has sexually intercourse during the flight, is threatened by a passenger and placed under house arrest after landing. There are two other men at the place where I was forcibly brought in. Nasako was directly undressed.
Be kissed deep. And the cock is thrown into the mouth after being finger-fucked in the open-leg pose and forced sucking.

After that, she is rolled on the mat, and her hands and feet are restrained with adhesive tape as she is in the open-leg pose. And a raw cock in the normal position. Flexion position, side position, and back. He’s shoving his cock in my mouth, too, in agony.
Pacifier. The first shot goes out raw in the normal position. He tried to run away right after, but the second run went off. He is forced to go inside raw. Immediately the third one is sexual intercourse in the bending position. Forced cum.
Her pussy is soaked by three consecutive live sexes. The director’s explanation that the filming was interrupted and the filming was continued.

Still bound, Risako was still smiling at this point. However, the next moment, the men strangled Risako in an open-legged pose. Because Risako resisted because she wasn’t afraid of too many juices, she was forced to
He tries to force a bukkake. The men directly stab the penis just before ejaculation one after another in the vagina of Risako who was fitted with the nose hook and was bitten with the SM apparatus in the mouth. Forced vaginal ejaculation. And cum on your face at the same time.
Hang. A total of 13 rounds of cum were injected into his vagina and his face was soaked with a total of 18 rounds of cum. Cum flowed into his nostrils and he was in a terrible state.

Then she got up and the cum hit Nashako directly on her face and inside her mouth. A total of 13 shots to the face. A total of 34 rounds of cum poured into his mouth. Unable to close her mouth, Risako coughed and coughed up cum over and over again.
He made a strange noise that made no sense and resisted desperately. In the end, she collapses, screaming that she wants to go home. Immediately afterwards, it was wrapped in a large plastic bag and wrapped around a rope. It is discarded as a non-renewable garbage woman. The last is a large amount of continuous vaginal ejaculation &
It comes with a bonus of another angle video that captures the facial shooting part from a bird’s eye view.

The molestation of a seriously reluctant trash woman is awesome to watch from any angle. Another ugly woman has disappeared. It is also an important job of Toetsu to get rid of all the stupid women who come from the bottom of society.

When you want to demean a woman for no reason, female body hunting is the best way to do it. Especially a lot of captured women are women who don’t think about anything, but the best way to use a foolish woman is to use Oniju. Narumi Takahashi
is an erotic beauty with great style. His lispy and lispy speech adds to his stupidity. I’m not going to let you get away with it
is enforced. Takahashi’s face and vagina were tainted by a large amount of foul-smelling sperm, and his body and mind collapsed and turned into an ugly mass of flesh in a short time. It’s a fitting end for a foolish woman.

At the beginning of the show, Takahashi said that the stinky sperm is also okay. She is also happy to give you a blowjob with a pacifier and lick your balls. After the clothes are taken off and the finger is fucked, the raw cock is thrust in the back. M-shaped open legs, the back cowgirl position, the cowgirl position, the station lunch fuck, the side position, and the bending position. He scrambles my small pussy. And it is inside in the normal position. It is made to lick the regurgitated cum immediately after the vagina is punctured with a finger. Next, he prepared an iced coffee for Takahashi who said he was thirsty. Instead of milk, the juice actor pours semen into the cup one after another.

Then, Takahashi swirled the coffee with a straw and drank all of the nine shots of cum. Immediately after the urge to urinate occurred, it squatted down without being ashamed, and urinated. She spreads her pussy with her fingers and excretes a lot of pee on the floor. After the event, she is moved to the bed and her hands and legs are secured with adhesive tape in an open-legged pose. After the cunt is expanded and the forced cunny is done, it is a toy blame. I’m being sucked with a straw on my flesh and clitoris, and my vagina is being extended with a metal rod. And the rotor blame. It is thrust into the pussy three times at the same time, and the clitoris is played with and agonies in agony.

Immediately afterwards, one by one, the rotor is excreted by man power. The sight of love juice overflowing from the vulva is obscene. The cusp is twisted into the vagina continuously, and the uterus mouth is exposed. And after sucking off three cocks standing on the couch one after another, a raw cock is thrust in the normal position. After the back and the back coworker position, it is a normal position and the girl is inside. Immediately, the second one was in normal position. Cum in the side position. Immediately afterwards, he punctures the cum with his finger. After this, the soup actors entered the room one after another. Takahashi’s expression clouded as he was overwhelmed by the sheer number of men.

And it is fixed in the mangy pose, and the vagina is further forced expansion with a finger. The men shot cum from Takahashi’s cunt and face one after another. A total of 12 rounds of cum are poured into his cunt and a total of 9 rounds of cum are sprayed on his face. Immediately after waking her up, she was forced to put the cum receptacle under her face. It’s a mechanism by which cum dripping from your face collects in a receptacle. And the men fired their sperm one after another. A total of 42 rounds of cum hit Takahashi directly in his face and mouth. Two of the shots fly up to the hair and twelve ejaculate on the tongue. In addition, after two shots of ejaculation, the cleaning blowjob is forced to put the cock into the mouth.

Takahashi who was filled with a lot of sperm in his mouth, started to spit out bubbly sperm many times on the way and was unconscious. At the same time, her pussy is played with the rotor. Immediately afterwards, the cum accumulated in the dish is dripped on the face, rubbed, and pushed into the mouth. Takahashi who collapsed after the event has a raw cock in the normal position. He is forced to go inside raw. Immediately, the second run was a breeze. And cum in.

Immediately after, the face is coated with the regurgitated semen, and the cock pulled out from the vagina is pushed into the mouth. It’s pathetic to see him licking his cock so hard to clean it up. The last is the privilege image of the cum in the vagina flowing in the close-up camera & the facial ejaculation. The clear image of sperm flowing down in the vagina is powerful. The astonishing image that is ejaculated to the face without mercy even after it is completely silent and even the face of death stands out is also a must-see.

After this, Takahashi becomes a cum addict because of the shooting. She is currently isolated in the basement of a hospital specializing in intractable diseases because she has a peculiar constitution that causes her to suck the cock of an unknown man when semen is extracted from her body.