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Absolute Obedience – Eri Hirai Eri Hirai, a beautiful legged girl who has a very cute smile with no care, is impregnated and tattered at the end of absolute obedience! The toy torture that not only forcibly dangles the cock of the men who don’t know it, but also continues endlessly though it is a beautiful girl with a good charm and a calm character originally. He’s forced to wet his pants at the same time! After that, she was set up endlessly and became a comforter. I am made to cum many times reluctantly and go crazy. Finally, she begged to come out from inside herself and her cunt was tingling. She eventually got pregnant with a total of 20 rounds of cum poured into her. It is transformed into a lowly flesh latrine that still desires a cock while becoming a cunt gooey.
 Eri confesses her feelings to the man she loves, and they decide to go out. I’m glad I did, but the man was one hell of a devil. She’s made to sit upright on the floor, told to do whatever she wants, and sworn to absolute obedience. Then we moved to the hotel. I was forced to do some service play.
 She licks a man’s nipple, gives him a hand job and then gives him a blowjob. After that, the mounted Irma is forced to lick to the anus. But the man was not satisfied. Rio who is at a loss, takes off pantyhose and panties as ordered, and is attached to a collar. And then a guy’s friend comes along.
 She gets naked in front of the men she doesn’t know and exposes her pussy. The smile fades away, as if it was quite a humiliation. Then, she plays with her pussy with her finger and goes to masturbation. Immediately afterwards, the rotor is pushed to the chestnut, and it feels and acquires it. Tingling anus is erotic! Then, both hands and legs are restrained in the open-leg pose, and the finger man. Immediately afterwards, she’s blamed with a rotor, and she’s shouting so loudly that she’s wetting herself!
 And two rotors are pushed into the vagina, a chestnut is blamed at the same time, the whole body is convulsed, and it is acme. Immediately afterwards, I pissed myself while pulling out my rotor! The chestnut is blamed with electro-masculature continuously, and it is good for it and it is acme again. Immediately afterwards, she went into vibrator masturbation. It stabs deeply into the vagina and agonizes, and the legs tremble in agony. I’m going to cum right away. And then the cusco is screwed in. Vaginal tingling. The inside is slippery with translucent white manjuice.
 And then, I gave him a blowjob. The side and back muscles are also carefully perforated. After various cocks were sucked, three cocks were given a hand job and pacification. It is inserted immediately afterwards in the back. I was thrust and screamed many times. Squid twitches again. Rear Cowgirl. Cowgirl position. Standing back. Normal position. She says lewd words and feels them all the time.
 After it is pistoned deeply in the flexion position and made to come again, it is twisted in the normal position, and the inside out is begged. And it is put out raw in the bending position. After the cleaning blowjob, the second one is thrust and it is hard piston. Immediately after the injection of sperm in the normal position. The third and the fourth one that follows is also put out in the normal position continuously.
 And it’s a back style. The cock is pushed in one after another, and the continuous vaginal ejaculation total 16 times. After the injection, it’s all clean-up blowjob. She was poured by men she didn’t know and seemed very happy from beginning to end. He’s gone completely mad!
 After this, Rio is called out to be fucked inside every day, but the woman who is OK with everything is discarded because she is not stimulated. After that, she wanders around town looking for a partner who will swear absolute obedience to her, saying lewd words while wearing a costume that exposes her cunt and anus. Even Kimura and Saruwatari are looking at him coldly.