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Ding pong! Yes, sir! When I went to order a bento and a Chinese rice bowl, a woman without a skirt appeared at the entrance, and when I told her it was 1,500 yen, she crawled on all fours and stuck out her buttocks while searching for her wallet, which was quite provocative. She noticed my confusion, You’re excited, aren’t you? I have to go home… but I did as she asked. I tried to make an excuse, I’m a part-time worker if I don’t go back… but she flashed her cleavage and asked, Do you want me to lick you? I feel like I’m not in a bad mood when I’m asked about it. Then she started licking before answering. I’m not sure what to do about it. It’s not good. The nipple of the girl who touched it while saying, I’m going to do it.