I flirted with the money and picked up girl who are lodging in an internet cafe! The outflow video of the girl who has sex with a strange man while bewildered by the charm of the money

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I asked the manager (my friend) of an Net café to introduce me to a regular girl who seemed to be having trouble with money, and I broke into the girl’s private room. I flashed my pocket money to her who was coming around like a leisurely person, and I set her up. Her name is Mio, a girl with a little bit of an adult atmosphere. When I asked her about it, she said that even though she has a part-time job, it is cheaper to pay at an internet cafe than it is to pay the rent, like 2,000 yen a day. Even though she is bewildered by the suspicious words of the invitation, she cannot win over the charm of the money and takes off her clothes and exposes her soft skin. We talked, and started skimming her coyly. It escalated steadily. Her reaction to being teased with her bare cunt feels good, but she can’t make a sound. In the next room and a private room with only a thin wall, we have sex in a private room, killing our voices so as not to be found out. I got so excited that I just let creampie (laughs).