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This is the first time that Hiromi Okada’s Jukujo Club has been exclusively distributed. Yumi in a kimono visited her lover, Ginji. Ginji said, Did you tell your husband that you are coming today? What are you doing here? And he knows that she has been asking for Ginji, but she is impatient with him. Yumi writhes in agony as she tucks up her kimono and shows her pussy. …. Ginji ties up Yumi and teases her breasts and pussy, blaming her until she’s about to cum. But just before Yumi is about to cum, he says, Someone might come later, so take care of him… it’s young guy. And Ginji goes out with the discarded line I’m sorry, but…. Then, a young man visits Hiromi, who is tied up and exposes her pussy and breasts… The big-boobed, beautiful mature woman Please take a look at Hiromi Okada’s first film!