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Tsubaki Kato….. I’ve worked with her once before on a different film. …So we both thought it would be easier than the first time we were shooting together, but it didn’t take us long to realize it. (laughs) … For some reason, we were both more nervous than the first time, and the first act of filming finally started with a strange feeling of distance. …By the way, once the switch is turned on, the Japanese porn star Tsubaki Kato shows off her explosive charm. Normally, she tends to be seen as the type who seems to be a little sisterly and reserved, but once she changed into erotic mode, she became very feminine… with the help of her pale, beautiful body, I realized that she was really a special actress full of charm. …The word emotion even seems to exist for her. The ideal woman that all men fantasize about exists in her. She is the ideal sex partner who has exposure habit and Masochist quality at the same time though she is very shy in fact. …The talk scene at the beginning is shortened to the record this time. It is because it was too regrettable to cut the erotic scene of the main story, and it chose to keep the erotic scene in the center in the end. …There may have never been a work that was as difficult to explain in words as this one. Please take a look at the true picture of the hard-to-get JAV porn actress known as Tsubaki Kato.