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However, if you join the 1pondo, you can see such uncensored JAV SEX videos everyday! Furthermore, the uncensored erotic animation downloaded are yours for life! It only has a fixed fee of only $2.17 per day, and you can see unlimited uncensored JAV erotic videos as much as you like every day. You can download and get it. But you are concerned about safety, I will eliminate your anxiety from now on!!

The 1pondo is a good and safe JAV adult site! There is no additional charge or fraudulent charges and no fixed charges

That’s right! It is important for you, so I will say it again and again. “The 1pondo is a good and safe JAV adult site! There is no additional charge or fraudulent charges and no fixed charges”. It’s true. That said, you can not trust me with my words alone. I understand your uneasy feelings well. I used to use my own credit card and money to join 1pondo. That’s why I can show you not only words but also evidence. Let me show you the credit card details when I was a one month member of the 1pondo.

the credit card details when I was a one month member of the 1pondo

How is this, this is the proof. The monthly membership fee for 1pondo is ¥6,500 ($65), only $2.17 per day. There are no additional charges or fraudulent charges except this membership fee. If there is an incorrect claim, it will remain in my credit card history. It is understandable at one shot that it is a suspicious JAV adult site. The 1pondo is a JAV adult site that has been operated stably for over 19 years from 2001. If it is a suspicious adult site where 1pondo is wrongfully billed, it can not be operated for such a long time. Because it is a safe and secure fixed fee with no fraudulent charges or additional charges, it has been supported by many men for so long. I think that this achievement is the best proof.

When I was a member of 1pondo, I downloaded and got about 15 to 20 uncensored JAV SEX videos a day. I downloaded over 500 JAV erotic videos in one month. I could get over 500 uncensored JAV porn videos for only 6,500 yen ($65)!! It is only about cent per uncensored JAV erotic video. You can see how the 1pondo is a good value adult site. Let me show you some of the uncensored JAV erotic videos I downloaded and got.

some of the uncensored JAV erotic videos I downloaded and got

This is just a few of the uncensored JAV erotic videos I downloaded and got. There are actually more than 500 JAVs. The uncensored erotic videos I downloaded are completely mine even now that I have left the 1pondo!! I can see and copy as much as I want until I die.

Well, if you’ve read this far, you’d like to join 1pondo. You know that 1pondo is a safe JAV adult site. Joining 1pondo is easy. Anyone with a credit card and email address can join now. Uncensored erotic JAV videos can be watched 5 minutes later! You will also be able to download it. No need to worry! Your credit card will not be abused or no strange emails will be sent! It is securely encrypted, so anyone can join with confidence. Let’s explain in detail how to join 1pondo with images.

How to Join 1pondo
1. You can join in landing page "Sign Up" button.

How to Join 1pondo 1

2. Enter your e-mail address in the cell of D2Pass ID and set the password for login by yourself. And entering your credit card information, the join process is over. Your credit card will never be compromised! I was using my own credit card and I was checking by joining 1pondo.

How to Join 1pondo 2

Now you can watch uncensored JAV porn videos as well. You can enjoy as many uncensored erotic videos as you like. And you can download and get uncensored erotic videos.

Let’s comment on how to withdraw firmly so that you can join 1pondo with peace of mind. It is easier to leave 1pondo than to join. You can unsubscribe at any time by entering your email address, user ID and password. Of course, even if you unsubscribe, uncensored JAV erotic videos are unlimited as long as your membership period remains! You can also download it.

How to withdraw from 1pondo
1. 1pondo cancellation page is below the Join page. There is "Cancellation form" button.

How to withdraw from 1pondo 1

2. After you enter your user ID, password, registered e-mail address, your withdrawal procedure is over.

How to withdraw from 1pondo 2

It is necessary to unsubscribe by the day before the member period renewal date. Even after the withdrawal procedure, it can be used without problem until your expiration of the membership period. In other words, you can watch uncensored JAV SEX videos properly. You can also download it. Please be aware that the membership period will continue unless you cancel your withdrawal due to the automatic continuation method.

Compared to Caribbeancom and HEYZO, is 1pondo worth the value?

You are wondering if you are joining 1pondo, you would like to know whether the 1pondo is better than Caribbeancom and HEYZO. The monthly membership fee for Caribbeancom is $49.5, and HEYZO is $48, which is cheaper than 1pondo. At first glance, 1pondo seem expensive. However, the capacity you can download per day is the most in 1pondo. In other words, If you think by the unit price per one uncensored JAV SEX video, it is a good deal for 1pondo. It will be wrong if you compare with just a simple price. Compare the number of videos, the daily download capacity, and the monthly membership fee.

Site nameThe number of videoDownload capacity1 month rate
Over 4,4004GB, You can download about 10 JAV porn every day$49.5
Over 3,3006GB, You can download about 15-20 JAV porn every day$65
About 2,0006GB, You can download about 15-20 JAV porn every day$48

How do you like it? The simple price alone makes you miss the good point of the 1pondo. If you’re wondering which site to join, it’s a good idea to join both Caribbeancom and HEYZO. After all, it’s safe and good for any adult site. Finally, the features of the 1pondo will be summarized.

The 1pondo is good value and safe JAV site

  • One month membership fee is only $2.17 per day! Only $65 a month! Secure fixed pricing with no extra charges or fraudulent charges
  • You can download many uncensored JAV erotic videos daily. Uncensored videos downloaded are yours forever! You can get over 500 uncensored JAV erotic videos for only $65 a month. Overwhelmingly advantageous than erotic DVD!
  • The 1pondo is a long-established JAV adult site that has been operating stably for over 19 years since 2001. It does not change with Amazon. You can join with confidence!!

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